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She lost her freedom

lcurdav - 5 months ago

This story that I am going to tell you will surely reach you several years later. Or so I hope. Otherwise, we’re still sorrowful by what has happened.

There was a girl around here who used to adore the winds, for it was those who molded her entire body....

From Cloud to Cloud

EvanC - 5 months ago

The sky was perfectly clear. Above was a deep blue transitioning into pale yellow as it descended toward the horizon, hinting at the sunset hidden behind the foreground of tall buildings. If this were a painting, people would marvel at its colourful depict...

Speckled With Red

theyoungestleah - 5 months ago

Before the war, Verilia would never have described the sunset as bloodstained, as she thought that it was far too poetic and bordered on being a mere flighting fantasy of melodramatic youth across the continent. Now, as she watched the sun start to dip bel...

tom cruise

anonymous - 11 months ago

Tom Ruse was brought, kicking and screaming, into the world at 3:32 PM on a Sunday. His mother, Mom Cruise was present in the Flesh, but not in spirit, and that was just about that. His cardinal crime at that time was to be born as a boy who didn’t look li...

Blood Red Shoelaces

GreetingsHeathens - about 1 year ago

Rumor has it Abel White was reduced to be the reason behind Ethan's new blood red shoelaces.

Rumor has it Ethan killed him and got rid of the body....

The cat and the therapist

DanielleRae - over 1 year ago

There’s a strange pressurized feeling that comes with terminal velocity. You reach out with your hands, scrabbling against the air as if to pull yourself up by it or slow your descent. Your mind is blank; only your gut know how hopeless the situation is. I...

Séquelle d'un chagrin d'amour

Heloise - over 1 year ago

Il dérangea les bouteilles et autres ingrédients disposés sur la table. Les citrons étaient introuvables. Laura lui avait dit qu’ils en avaient acheté pourtant. Il devait en trouver, c’était essentiel pour son cocktail. Il ne pouvait pas y avoir de Blue La...

On Pumpkin Row

EvanC - over 1 year ago

Wednesday. Seven days until Halloween

Alice set me down on the cold wooden porch floor. She knelt down in front of me, chewing some freshly roasted pumpkin seeds....

A Promise - A Body Horror Writing Prompt

Ourali - over 1 year ago

I stumbled to the mirror, grabbing viciously at the edges in order to steady myself. My hair, once a deep brown, was slowly turning white and thinning as I stared. I grabbed at it, almost as if I was trying to keep the colour inside, but all it did instead...

The Theater of Death

EvanC - almost 2 years ago

It’s so dark and so cold. I can’t see anything. I hear it before I feel it, something loud. It’s rain. Then I feel the hard drops soaking through my clothes. It’s pouring. Lights focus into vision. There’s a building… a cinema. I need to get out of the hea...

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