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Dégustation of musings (10 course meal)

Lydia-Zhou - almost 2 years ago

the sun beckoned me down a path...

A tragic love story between a dust bunny and a sock that got lost under the bed (written for Christmas story exchange 2016 for Lydia)

Five - about 2 years ago

Ava had lived on the edge of the Light Strip her whole life. It was a peaceful existence, and often she would spend her time staring at motes of dust, drifting through the air, some of them touching down to the ground where she and the others would pick up...

Souvenirs d'un verre qui se brisera (Livre premier)

StilleNacht - over 2 years ago



mrs. president: an unintentional haiku

SerenaPadfoot - over 2 years ago

i miss hillary
i hope she is doing well
wish she was in charge...

Runners of the North

Ourali - over 2 years ago

It had always been a blessing in Eketine's mind that the coniferous trees grew a bit apart from each other as she sprinted alongside her brothers and sisters. Her braided dark hair flew in the wind behind her, although stray strands kept hitting her in her...


Ourali - about 3 years ago

Every day I would sit in my chair at our table and reminisce as the suns floated down the sky towards the horizon. Everything would be awash with golden light, and it would be quiet save for the noises of the farm animals outside in the back. I would stare...


StilleNacht - about 3 years ago



Subverting Romance Tropes: The Movie Make-over

ErinRoach - about 3 years ago

“No, absolutely not,” Charlie says, crossing her arms across her chest. She eyes the offending item with distinct distaste, watching it sparkle obnoxiously at her. “You are absolutely not putting me in a dress.”

Tom sighs, absently smoothing out the abo...

The Beginning of the Sky Children

Ourali - about 3 years ago

Kirva regarded the impending twilight with annoyance, glaring up at the darkening sky. She hadn’t made good time today, and wouldn’t be making it to anywhere with reliable shelter before the planets would be rising above the horizon.

Still, she walked o...

The Alchemist

Edenstudent - about 3 years ago

Six months ago

The alchemist quietly rushed around the room, collecting his books, scrolls, materials, and whatever equipment he could fit in his bag. There wasn't much room in the durable sack, but the man tried to organize the valuable space a...

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