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And That's Okay

Redcatalyst - over 4 years ago

There is a moment when you realize that you're cracking, not like ice or glass but subtler like earth. I'm cracking and I didn't realize it until my nightmare. When I woke up sobbing and not completely sure why but, underneath that waterfall I felt ice spr...

the lonely garden

SerenaPadfoot - over 4 years ago

as the winds howled
and the snow fell down
all I wanted was to go to the garden....

Scraps from the Shoebox

Lydia-Zhou - over 4 years ago

Seasons pass
and birds amass...


Edenstudent - almost 5 years ago

(A funny little exert)

"Look, there she is." Sam nudged Dave in the elbow, who pretended not to notice. After a long morning of chemistry then french, they were finally about to enjoy lunch....

The Transformation Pt. I

Ourali - almost 5 years ago

(This is a snippet from my main work, which I haven't found a good name for yet. The five are currently just inside a forest, having just gotten out of the territory where they were being chased. They're on their way to one of the larger cities of the land...


Edenstudent - almost 5 years ago

"Wow, so you're an engineer!?"
I hear it again and again,
I want it to stop, to end....


Edenstudent - almost 5 years ago

He quickly rushed down the empty hall, at least ten minutes late for class. As he came to the door, he collected himself, catching his breath. He slowly opened the door, praying the professor wouldn't acknowledge his tardiness. He slowly opened the door...

Sybil Highgate

Ourali - almost 5 years ago

Sybil was running through the muddy London street, trying desperately to not slip on one of the cracked cobblestones that covered the road. She held her hat with a tight vice to her head, protecting her hat from the rain but also trying the keep her very l...

A Happy Story

hooksfordays - almost 5 years ago

Just for once
I want to write a happy story.
One where the guy gets the girl...

A stained conscience vs. A liability: who wins?

hilarryyateswillbe20 - almost 5 years ago

Ah. Crazy, Beautiful, People.

Patient #1:...

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