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I'm a Master's student in Counselling Psychology, and I have an Honours B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Women's Studies. I also work at SASS Counselling and Coaching Centre as a Peer Counsellor.

I've been working on the same novel for several years now, and still reworking some plot details and whatnot, but at the moment I'm trying to write some short stories and send them out to maybe publish. I mostly write fantasy with a little bit of sci-fi, all of it super queer. I'm a big fan of playing with tropes and conventions.

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Batdrake Excerpts

over 4 years ago

I read the beginning of this story at the hot chocolate & chill, and I wanted to get feedback on a couple scenes (rather than the whole story because I am currently missing some connective tissue lol). These are two of the three conversations in the story...

Subverting Romance Tropes: The Movie Make-over

almost 6 years ago

“No, absolutely not,” Charlie says, crossing her arms across her chest. She eyes the offending item with distinct distaste, watching it sparkle obnoxiously at her. “You are absolutely not putting me in a dress.”

Tom sighs, absently smoothing out the abo...