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bridget - about 1 year ago


June stood at the kitchen counter cursing the twelve year old can opener that had failed her once again. Her soup, still confined by its steel, shook in its can as she slammed it onto the counter. She was ready to cry when Paul came thro...

Stay Home

VeraH - about 1 year ago

There have always been rumours about Engerby Forest. There are always rumours about forests, especially ones like Engerby, where the ferns have swallowed up the trails, and shelves of white mushrooms hang over your head, and old pines rot and creak with th...

61, Rosebury Avenue

MM - about 1 year ago

Sometimes, someone just finds you. And sometimes, that person becomes your family. It can be that person you puked on during a party that became your best friend. Or the lonely neighbour who shares your passion for beetles. Maybe a ghost haunting your room...

Along came a Friendship

KJavier - about 1 year ago

May I met a Marshmallow

I moved in on a Sunday,...

Thinky thoughts - a snippet of a short story

csmit277 - about 1 year ago

I guess that’s the problem isn’t it? We look at the entire course of human history and we pat ourselves on the back. So proud of how far we’ve come. We say, “Look how much we’ve grown. They were barbaric, but we are smart enough to know what’s right, what’...


ghazalr - over 1 year ago

I doused my mattress with gasoline at 3 AM
and lay within the fire shivering.
It shyly licked against my body,...

Windows and Tunnels

EvanC - over 1 year ago

The summer was hot and the air conditioner was broken, so I spent a large amount of time at my window.

The view was nice from the 27th floor, in a city too cramped for its own liking....

Your brain didn't write this you did

SydneyWaffles - over 1 year ago

Pump the brakes before this breaks into a finer dust.
We must adjust
but that's the problem,...

Should I get a tattoo?

SydneyWaffles - over 1 year ago

Will I feel at home
if I decorate the walls
of this strange vessel?...


SydneyWaffles - over 1 year ago

A stranger in my brain
I waltz walls of wonder
to pick up on the grain...