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Windows and Tunnels

over 3 years ago

The summer was hot and the air conditioner was broken, so I spent a large amount of time at my window.

The view was nice from the 27th floor, in a city too cramped for its own liking....

The Broken Quill Society in a nutshell

almost 4 years ago

(A collaboration among several members of the club.)...

Box Runner

almost 4 years ago

Tyler, or as everyone called him at work, T-Man, was ranting during Joe’s break.

“I can’t believe I’m spending New Year’s Eve here. I’ve been talking to management since November saying I need New Year’s off. And yet, here I am.”...

From Cloud to Cloud

about 4 years ago

The sky was perfectly clear. Above was a deep blue transitioning into pale yellow as it descended toward the horizon, hinting at the sunset hidden behind the foreground of tall buildings. If this were a painting, people would marvel at its colourful depict...

On Pumpkin Row

about 5 years ago

Wednesday. Seven days until Halloween

Alice set me down on the cold wooden porch floor. She knelt down in front of me, chewing some freshly roasted pumpkin seeds....

The Theater of Death

over 5 years ago

It’s so dark and so cold. I can’t see anything. I hear it before I feel it, something loud. It’s rain. Then I feel the hard drops soaking through my clothes. It’s pouring. Lights focus into vision. There’s a building… a cinema. I need to get out of the hea...

Headlights like Diamonds in the Dark of the Matinée

almost 6 years ago

I never liked the way she drove. It’s not that I didn’t feel safe. She had a level of unpredictability. I never really knew what she was going to do next. Her turns were sharp and her speed varied depending on the mood. It didn’t help that I’ve always had...

Programmed Poem

about 6 years ago

I’m waiting for an opportunity
Where years do not stand still like a statue.
I want to be unique, an entity...