The Broken Quill Society in a nutshell

Written by EvanC

This work was last updated February 14, 2020

(A collaboration among several members of the club.)

With little requirements aside from an open mind and something to write with, the Broken Quill Writing Society is a space where members can voice their thoughts, loves, grievances, and maybe get some writing done.

University can be isolating and soul crushing, but for an hour or two every Monday, a small number of students achieve the unthinkable; we leave our room of our own accord. Together we build the shared delusion that we are all somehow doing alright. Our members may have had the worst week of their lives but god damn it if one of us can’t make them laugh about it. “Come on Jimmy your dog was a dick and you’re better off.”

In a positive-rich environment, the club successfully leads its members through a series of skill-provoking exercises and friendly competitions, where mistakes and short-comings are taken in stride. Along with prompts and technical discussions, fuelled by the need to outwit each other with creative narrative twists and fancy rhymes, it is the place where all kind of writing styles battle during epic contests.

In each weekly meeting there is a discussion on a writing style, and a writing prompt, which oftentimes leads to enlightening philosophical discussions about anything from current world issues, to the impending apocalypse, to the cultural practices of ancient civilizations. Procrastination always strikes at the most inopportune moments, but collectively, we can all leech off of each other’s creativity and write a single line for the club’s collaborative story. It is unique among the art clubs with its focus on the written word and improves both confidence and writing skills.

This club is the result of meticulous planning by leaders that are great at delegating the responsibility of getting the key to the room. From writing stories for the back of bathroom stalls to song parodies of the bovine destruction of our ecosystem, the maturity of this club is far beyond its years. Most things at university drain the creativity out of our minds, while the writing club is one of the few, if only, place on campus that allows and encourages our imagination. With members in engineering, arts, science and everything in between we figure at least one of us will achieve something and the rest of us can end up bumming around on their couch.

With a little bit of social interaction in our busy university schedule, it is a place of salvation for every introvert. The Club is a comfortable space on campus where we can forget about our stressful student life and finally be ourselves.

The main goal of the Broken Quill Society is to encourage writing and to socialize and meet new people. I can say with confidence, that the club achieves its goal.

There is no doubt that this club possesses exemplary spirit, framing a clear picture of productivity and encouragement. The Broken Quill Society is a balm for our aching hearts.

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