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Your brain didn't write this you did

SydneyWaffles - 17 days ago

Pump the brakes before this breaks into a finer dust.
We must adjust
but that's the problem,...

Should I get a tattoo?

SydneyWaffles - 17 days ago

Will I feel at home
if I decorate the walls
of this strange vessel?...


SydneyWaffles - 17 days ago

A stranger in my brain
I waltz walls of wonder
to pick up on the grain...

Ghosts of a past life

SydneyWaffles - 3 months ago

Black, cold, forgotten;
I cried under this shower once.
Now that water’s warm....

Wisdom such as this.

SydneyWaffles - 3 months ago

(A tribute to sappho)

Perched apon a peak we sat...

A dream of nothing come dawn

SydneyWaffles - 3 months ago

I wake up to smell the roses
but it's thrown in my face
as lacking nothing imposes...

Forêt enchantée

Brouillon - 3 months ago

J’ai toujours cru que la forêt derrière l’école était enchantée. Elle était immense, s’étendant de la cour d’école jusqu’à perte de vue, longeant les maisons sur la colline. Les arbres paraissaient vénérables avec leur haute taille et leurs branches pleine...

The Broken Quill Society in a nutshell

EvanC - 4 months ago

(A collaboration among several members of the club.)...

Tomorrow we fight

theyoungestleah - 4 months ago

Verilia took a breath, gasping slightly as the wind ripped it away from her. She turned, tugging up her tunic to shield her face as snowflakes whipped around her and the other members of her team. She felt her brow furrow as her gaze landed upon the dark s...


Brouillon - 4 months ago

Depuis une trentaine de minutes, je regarde la rue, la tête appuyée contre la fenêtre. Un vague sentiment d’étrangeté plane dans la pièce, mais il est difficile à définir. Un inconfort général ou plutôt, un sentiment d'irréalité causé par un décalage inven...

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