Your brain didn't write this you did

Written by SydneyWaffles

This work was last updated May 15, 2020

Pump the brakes before this breaks into a finer dust.
We must adjust
but that's the problem,
we’re not a fucking team.
So how bout you just shut right up
and quit this fucking scheme.
Hello to me from you,
I'm not here to discuss.
There is no fucking plea in here
just a trip below the bus.
Pardon your frontal cortex.
She isn't fucking real.
She ain't no fucking judge or court
to which we can appeal.
Delete her fucking number.
Burn the address book.
Get her down off the stand
and hop up on that hook.
Now without our scapegoat
start the fucking trial,
dig out all that evidence
we've hid now for a while.
She didn't fucking do this,
it's you who drives the bus.
There never was an us in I,
you're the I in us.

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