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A Gay Demigirl who loves hiking, Dnd, movies, and herself.

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about 1 month ago

We parted at the first switchback,
I haven’t seen you since.
And I had barely dreamed until...


3 months ago

somebody once told me my colon was gonna troll me, but I aint the shapest butt in the shed
I was looking kinda dumb with a bowl around my bum and the sound of line waiting for me
Well, it better start coming and if it don't start coming, and gonna get up...

Variations on love

4 months ago

It’s a fickle thing; falling in love.
It floods in under the door like a clogged toilet.
You didn’t ask for a mess but it’s yours to clean....


4 months ago

Flowers are beautiful before they bloom,
with love and care poured into them.
They stand tall and green and wait for their time;...