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A Gay Demigirl who loves hiking, Dnd, movies, and herself.

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Your brain didn't write this you did

almost 4 years ago

Pump the brakes before this breaks into a finer dust.
We must adjust
but that's the problem,...

Should I get a tattoo?

almost 4 years ago

Will I feel at home
if I decorate the walls
of this strange vessel?...


almost 4 years ago

A stranger in my brain
I waltz walls of wonder
to pick up on the grain...

Ghosts of a past life

almost 4 years ago

Black, cold, forgotten;
I cried under this shower once.
Now that water’s warm....

Wisdom such as this.

almost 4 years ago

(A tribute to sappho)

Perched apon a peak we sat...

A dream of nothing come dawn

almost 4 years ago

I wake up to smell the roses
but it's thrown in my face
as lacking nothing imposes...

View: 1.3 years east

about 4 years ago

We parted at the first switchback,
I haven’t seen you since.
And I had barely dreamed until...


over 4 years ago

somebody once told me my colon was gonna troll me, but I aint the shapest butt in the shed
I was looking kinda dumb with a bowl around my bum and the sound of line waiting for me
Well, it better start coming and if it don't start coming, and gonna get up...

Variations on love

over 4 years ago

It’s a fickle thing; falling in love.
It floods in under the door like a clogged toilet.
You didn’t ask for a mess but it’s yours to clean....


over 4 years ago

Flowers are beautiful before they bloom,
with love and care poured into them.
They stand tall and green and wait for their time;...