Written by SydneyWaffles

This work was last updated November 14, 2019

somebody once told me my colon was gonna troll me, but I aint the shapest butt in the shed
I was looking kinda dumb with a bowl around my bum and the sound of line waiting for me
Well, it better start coming and if it don't start coming, and gonna get up and leave the water running.
it doesn't make sense to poop for fun, your schedule gets slim but it hurts your bum
so much to do so much to see so why can't i get this shit out of me
So why can't i do more than just pee?
I'll never know if i just go,
you'll never pee if I don't go!

Hey now, you're a stall star, get your pants on, go away!
Hey now, you're a stall star, get your coat on, don't stay!
All that flushes is gone,
Only shitting stars break the bowl......

Tags: bathroom, smash-mouth, stall-star


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