Variations on love

Written by SydneyWaffles

This work was last updated October 10, 2019

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It’s a fickle thing; falling in love.
It floods in under the door like a clogged toilet.
You didn’t ask for a mess but it’s yours to clean.
Your heart won’t unclog itself.

It a tiring thing; loving.
You have to build it, feed it, stoke it like a fire.
It’s hard to sustain and its warmth takes some effort.
Love burns through logs rather fast.

It’s a cozy thing; being in love.
It wraps around you warm and snug like a blanket.
You hug it in close and hide away from the cold.
Love is a hard bed to leave.

Tags: love poetry, variations

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A+ quality stuff. I could imagine reading this in an anthology.

StilleNacht - over 4 years ago

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