Along came a Friendship

Written by KJavier

This work was last updated October 6, 2020

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May I met a Marshmallow

I moved in on a Sunday,
undressed, my place a mess.
My wardrobe lacking “Sunday Best”

I put on scrubs,
To hide thick curves.
Of weeks palating prayers
In my stomach pocket.

It hurt,
I admit,
Those days where I’d sit.
And hear a knock,
Echo around empty.

I’d hear voices, come
From the doors across.
I contemplated,
That maybe.
Today would be different.

And one day I guess,
It was.

On a whatever Wednesday,
You called for caring company

I never realized,
I would also find comfort.

June made me Jaded

Cases increased? Again?
I thought they were just 7, but now it’s
7- including the 11.

My eyes have hurt from crying,
Sometimes I wonder
If breathing is a symptom.

but I try to butter up my eyes
With coloured lines
but you see through the lie,
“and the just fines.”

I’m an artist I tell them
“I’m good at painting smiles”-
is what I don’t say.

But you’d fed my soul with affirmations,
Helped me admit,
That it’s okay
To go over the lines

I learn.
To put the paint away.

Just July

It’s interesting,
To know.
That without these times

Tiresome, troublesome times
I never would’ve gotten to know you.

You’re confusing,
In such an indescribable way.

Considering the fact,
That I’m here every other day.

I guess,
You find me tolerable
and that’s okay.

August of Apostrophe

My mom called me today
I told her I was going,
To a friend’s house.

It’s amazing to know,
That just months ago,
I barely knew you.

But in that time,
We’ve lived,
We’ve laughed,
We’ve grown

And we’ve discovered
That even in the most troubling of times,
There is still an opportunity
To find
and create

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