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I'm a first-year student at uOttawa, studying Honours Mathematics! I come from Mississauga (beside Toronto), ON, and have been writing for at least 6 or 7 years. I mostly write fantasy, though I suffer from severe procrastination and often will not finish something that I started or write something that is very short when compared to other text. It's also just past 9pm when I'm writing this and I am mentally exhausted so pardon any mistakes or the overall curtness! I look forward to reading and writing with the rest of the club!

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I saw her

2 days ago

At steps and snow, I saw her
Wrapped in denim, cotton and faux fur.
She shivered and smiled in the most timid of ways...


16 days ago

Written in memory of the Mars rover, Opportunity, who was officially announced to have ended its service to researchers and scientists after 15 years. The Opportunity mission finished on February 13th, 2019.

If you have found this, then that must...

Speckled With Red

about 2 months ago

Before the war, Verilia would never have described the sunset as bloodstained, as she thought that it was far too poetic and bordered on being a mere flighting fantasy of melodramatic youth across the continent. Now, as she watched the sun start to dip bel...