A stained conscience vs. A liability: who wins?

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Ah. Crazy, Beautiful, People.

Patient #1:

It seems like someone dumped her here.
She lifts her robe with every number she vocalizes and the droning doesn’t stop; we hear and will always hear:

“37, 38, 39”

coming from the room across the nursing station. This sounds like pessimism, but trust me, she will never be healed completely. What seems to have scarred her scarred her for good.

Some optimism to draw out of this situation is that the counting calms her down. I respect that. It’s interesting: I’m able to articulate my thoughts, but when it comes to calming down, I have no fucking idea.

She isn’t the only one who is not in the same world as us; there is also (Patient #2) the one who laughed when this old lady fell off her wheelchair, onto the cold indifferent hospital ground.

The laugher probably thinks the-real-world scene is happening in a comedy movie, or in a cheesy television program. The reality doesn’t hit.
Was it because of how she was raised? Or is she even more crazy?

Patient #3:

“You don’t believe in the devil? No problem.”

He’s schizophrenic, I think.

“Welcome to heaven”, he says. We’ll call him: The Smart Mothefucker.

The Smart Motherfucker can speak seven languages. To me, he seems like he speaks all languages. Not only in linguistic ability, but in the power he seems to have: the superb ability to speak his imagination out loud.

Latin, Spanish, French, etc.

Patient #4:

“I don’t know how you guys can do puzzles”.

We need to keep ourselves sane here. That’s the goal: get sane and go home. I don’t know why they think this will happen by giving us puzzles. For some, it helps, but for me - I don’t fucking get it.

Puzzles, in my opinion, suck out time and soul like the hungriest of vacuums; like a black hole on superdrive; like my dad when he's super hungry.

Patient #5:

“You’re stuck with me. Aren’t you lucky?”

We don’t have a fucking choice but to get along, and because we’re all aware of this, we do get along - pretty fucking well I might add. We hug and we support. What more could you ask of any community?

Patient #6:

“The wonderful mums at notre dame”

She’s old and sweet and I don’t know why she’s here. Maybe she’s too crazy to even give off any crazy vibes. Sociopathic crazy? Jeez, I hope not.

“Cheating is learning” says my mom
who isn’t crazy.

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