Blood Red Shoelaces

Written by GreetingsHeathens

This work was last updated February 7, 2019

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Rumor has it Abel White was reduced to be the reason behind Ethan's new blood red shoelaces.

Rumor has it Ethan killed him and got rid of the body.

Ethan was your average university student. Or so it seemed.

Rumor had it he was a killer, the type that lurked in the dark to pounce on their victim. No one could prove that it was true because while most people he was seen with either fought with them and broke off the friendship, left and study abroad or simply vanish, leaving the guy devastated. There was no way to prove that he truly killed them.

Meanwhile, he was still the same goofy boy with striking red hair known for wearing black and defending his friends no matter what.

Abel was your pretty boy that attracted everyone's attention and didn't even realize how beautiful he was. He didn't have to try to charm others. No one could resist the innocent boy and that included Ethan Wood.
Shortly after he came to university, he was approached by the taller.

When Ethan introduced himself to Abel, nothing seemed out of the ordinary except maybe the extreme reactions the taller male had. While Abel was quiet and reserved, Ethan was the complete opposite. He very openly expressed his happiness around Abel through bone cracking hugs.

As people started to notice how close Abel was becoming with Ethan, they all knew they had to fear for the poor boy.

Abel didn't realize he was being observed by his peers until he was approached by a girl- Eva, as she introduced herself, that came to warn him about Ethan.

« Be careful » she told him, « You never know when he'll turn on you. Never upset him. Don't go to his place. Don't invite him at yours either. »

When Abel asked why, Eva refused to give any explanations and opted to say instead «Ethan is a bit... special. »

And just like that, Eva left without answering any of Abel 's questions. He saw her many times after that around campus, but she always politely pushed him away.

Whenever he would ask people about Ethan, they would suddenly grow fearful and change the subject of the conversation, as if they feared to tell him the truth.

He grew more curious about their behaviors and asked Ethan what was going on but the taller always shrugged and replied with a sad « I don't know why they act like that whenever they talk about me. Or to me, for that matter. I don't think I ever did anything wrong.... ».

Abel frowned a bit then shrugged away every negative thought that filled his mind.


Their university's football team threw a party after winning most of their matches during the fall season an invited everyone on campus through social media and pamphlets that decorated every hall in the sport complex.

Abel saw one of them as he made his way to the gym and immediately thought of going. He texted Ethan and asked him if he was interested to go with him and stuffed his phone in his pocket without waiting for an answer, changed clothes and left to start his routine.

An hour later, he came out of the changing rooms, freshly showered and tired and fished out his phone from his short's pocket to see if his friend replied.

The words « sure I’ll come » beamed at him through the screen and he could almost see the red-haired male's toothy grin in front of him. Abel smiled at the response and proceeded to go on with his day.

On his way out he saw [insert male character here] and asked if he was going to the advertised party. [insert male character name here] said yes and started talking about who might be there and who might not, after the blonde boy asked.
Mid conversation, [insert male character] here stopped talking and stared at Abel. He eyed him warily before speaking up again.
“You’re Ethan’s new friend, aren’t you?” he asked cautiously.

The night when the party took place, Abel excitedly ran out of his flat to greet his tall friend when he came to pick him up in front of the building.

Tags: horror, mystery?, blood, shoelaces, red, gore


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