Dégustation of musings (10 course meal)

Written by Lydia-Zhou

This work was last updated November 20, 2017

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the sun beckoned me down a path
where purple yellow pansies
preened in the wind.
Pretty things, I couldn’t resist
putting in my mouth.
Pansies are edible,
I learned, but
their delicate distress
gives me indigestion.

I picked dandelions to decorate the hollow trunk climbing my throat.
I wonder, how tall will it grow?
When autumn comes, I hope the umbrella seeds spread cross the ocean,
searching for you.

These days
it seems that happy presents
only exist to remind me
that I miss

Dear Beloved, Moths don’t rest.
Born last week, dead tomorrow, goodbye my forest.
Forever! This is all about me, everything about you
who searched for promised searing skies,
but, instead, discovered inky parchment and coffee grounds,
laid before a torrid nest, bywhich perched a pedestal and a rotting brain.

Mon bonhomme de soleil, we share wine and dark chocolate. I used to wish snowmen would stay frozen when spring arrived. I used to hate summer.

Spring returns dressed in cherry blossoms and sun-glowed cheeks, and melts into my waiting embrace.
His willow hair brushes blushed cheeks in a wet smelling wind. Magnolias bud from the braided branches and I run wanting fingers through them, whisper-wondering:
“Won’t you stay?”
He caresses my lingering grasp with genteel grass.

I’m not poetic enough to write poetry;
it’s a shame
because I quite like doing it.

You are the mirror I cracked
that time I showered
until my skin blistered
and the hair splintered from my scalp—

Will I be a star or just some scrawled margin notes in your memoir?
How long can we take the rainbow roads with our lemon coloured car?

Once upon a time, she looked at the mirror and saw only a reflection. The sun smiled upon her, and that was all. A beginning precious in its non-existence.

Yours truly,

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