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The sun rose to meet the sky, bringing light to the frozen lake. The morning’s silence was interrupted by a woman dressed all in black walking, heavy footed, across the water in four inch heels. She made deeper cracks with each step, every one bringing her closer to the center of the newly frozen pond. She harboured no fears of the breaks beneath her feet since they were the only reason for her being here. She did not slip or glide, her heel dug in enough with each step that her balance was never lost. Her confidence was why she was chosen to embark first. She did not choose a place to stop, the ice was meant to do that for her, it was Eden’s choice. Her only hesitation came when the opposing shore looked closer than the one she had left the denomination. She questioned if Eden would accept her and it was in this moment of hesitation that the ice gave way and she was swallowed whole.

Below the ice and out of sight of those on the shore, she knew she had to banish all doubt from her mind, it would do her no good now. Below the ice Eden was the only one that could see or judge her and there was nothing left to do but prove herself by fighting all the instincts that made her human. She brought her mind to the teachings of Adam Henry. She pulled her arms tight to her side and squeezed her eyes shut. She was imperfect here. The facade she had above the ice died long before she did.

“I reject all that makes me human, cleanse me of all that makes me wrong.” She chanted in her head as her chest constricted. She needed to focus more and more on keeping her arms from flailing to push her to the surface.

“Cleanse me of all that makes me human, I reject all that makes me wrong.” By now they have sent out the next person to walk out. Everything begins to burn up inside and she uses every ounce of energy to keep from opening her mouth or making any motion. This is Eden’s time to judge, to see her loyalty and decide if her efforts are worthy.

“I reject all that makes me human, I reject all that makes me wrong.” The rejection was coming to fruition, the motor function of her body was all but gone and soon the mind repeating the chant would be disconnected from the body.

“I reject all that has made me dirty, I purge myself of what the physical world has imprinted on me, I renounce the misdeeds of humanity.”

End of her.

The next began to walk, she made it half as far. The next only half as that of her before her and so on until all the women had to do was wade in deep enough to submerge.

Had the women had a chance to speak about it later they would all agree on one thing; giving up was the easiest part. Once the cold had burned to their cores it was the only thing left to do. Of course, that conversation would never happen, Eden had rejected them and they would simply cease to exist.

Adam Henry would stand at the shore horrified by what he had incited, he would wait by the water until the bodies floated back to the surface. The hours would give him the time to breathe through his anguish and watch the sun bid the world goodnight.
As he walked back to his truck he put on his gloves and smiled as he hopped into the passenger seat. Adam Vincent huffed as Adam Henry closed the door.
“You sure you don’t wanna stay another five hours?” he hissed, “you know I’ve got other shit to do”
“Sorry.” Adam Henry replied, still smiling and looking out the windshield to the path he had walked through the trees.
A. Vincent turned the keys in the ignition as he shifted in his seat, pulling a black scarf from beneath him and throwing it out his window. “Stupid bitch left her shit.” he said as he put the truck in reverse. Turning their heads as they backed out of the clearing and onto the dirt road the men noticed all the black scarves blanketing the bed of the truck and the truck was pushed into park. The sight brought a flash of his anguish back to A. Henry and he reached into his pocket for the gun he hadn’t found a use for by the lake as he and A. Vincent looked at one another for what to do next.

End of him.

A door opens, a body is pushed onto the road and the door closes before the truck shifted into drive and mowed down bushes and saplings to reach the lake. The sight was fresh to him and it was not one he wished to dwell on. He launched the truck into the lake and put down the windows as he closed his eyes.

End of him.

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