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He quickly rushed down the empty hall, at least ten minutes late for class. As he came to the door, he collected himself, catching his breath. He slowly opened the door, praying the professor wouldn't acknowledge his tardiness. He slowly opened the door to-
Nothing. The vacant room stared back at him as if waiting for something. He quickly closed the door to check the schedule printed on the back. The paper clearly stated that the class was here, at this time, on this day. There was no notice on the door or website stating that the location had changed. He stumbled back a step, confused as to where the class was; the professor was absent as well. As he slowly walked down the hall looking for his class, he spotted an old man reading at a table, siping his coffee alone.
"Excuse me, professor," he guessed, "Where are all the students, TAs, professors?"
The old man slowly glanced up from his book. He set down his drink and, marking the page with a folded corner, set down his book as well. Only then did the old man turn to him.
"They're all gone, boy," said the aged voice, his tone low and melancholy. "A bachelor is a dime a dozen, a Master too expensive to hire, and a Doctor too old to work. You better give up academia, it no longer is worth it."

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