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I like to write sometimes. Here's some of my stuff.

P.S., I'm Josiah. There goes the mystery.

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The Alchemist

over 6 years ago

Six months ago

The alchemist quietly rushed around the room, collecting his books, scrolls, materials, and whatever equipment he could fit in his bag. There wasn't much room in the durable sack, but the man tried to organize the valuable space a...


almost 7 years ago

(A funny little exert)

"Look, there she is." Sam nudged Dave in the elbow, who pretended not to notice. After a long morning of chemistry then french, they were finally about to enjoy lunch....


almost 7 years ago

"Wow, so you're an engineer!?"
I hear it again and again,
I want it to stop, to end....


almost 7 years ago

He quickly rushed down the empty hall, at least ten minutes late for class. As he came to the door, he collected himself, catching his breath. He slowly opened the door, praying the professor wouldn't acknowledge his tardiness. He slowly opened the door...