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"Wow, so you're an engineer!?"
I hear it again and again,
I want it to stop, to end.
To have it acknowledged,
that it shouldn't be acknowledged.
"You must be smart!"
They gawkingly assume,
Stating their lack of knowledge.
They state their ignorance,
By ignoring mine.
"Shut up!" I scream,
At least inside where none is heard,
But smile pleasantly instead.
They pretend to know me,
Know who I am.
The oldest of all my families,
I am the centre, the head,
I bear the burden of all those.
Even those outside,
rest upon my shoulders.
To look down into the eyes,
And cry inside while knowing,
All the better, the sooner they fall.
Eventually, they will stop,
And will be better for it.
To rise slowly, stopping,
Knowing those I dwarf will overtake,
They will rise to heights I have touched not.
All I can do is stretch,
While they still grow.
And so I stand tall, for now,
Awaiting the day they are taller.

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