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(A funny little exert)

"Look, there she is." Sam nudged Dave in the elbow, who pretended not to notice. After a long morning of chemistry then french, they were finally about to enjoy lunch.


"'Who? Who?'" Sam mocked him, "Her who."

Dave realized that Sam had just spotted Sarah, whom he hadn't already noticed. Not that Dave hadn't noticed her, he had just hoped that Sam wouldn't as well. Dave had never told Sam about his crush on Sarah, but Sam had told him before he was as translucent are glass.

"Come on, already. Go talk to her," which was followed by another nudge to the arm.

Dave just ignored him.

"Well, if you won't talk to her, than I'm going to."

Dave just stood there, trying to call Sam's bluff, until he remembered that Sam didn't bluff.

"Hold up!" he shouted, drawing a few glances. He quickly walked up to Sam and turned him around with a hand on his shoulder. "Let's head down to the library. I hear they just got some new computers."

"Chicken," he could hear Sam snicker. He didn't deny it.

As they walked to the library, Sam turned to Dave. "Hey, did you hear about the asteroid shower coming to crash earth?"

"Apparently more than you did. It's a meteor shower, and NASA says it shouldn't 'crash' earth, it will come to earth. In fact, they said they'd be lucky just to get a meteorite."

"Still, it'd be cool if it crashes."

Dave just shook his head. "Well, it would be cool to watch, but it's not supposed to be around here, so we wouldn't be able to see it. But I don't mind much, I'm still exhausted from summer."

They walked through the door and Dave came face to face with the person he least expected, Sarah.

How did she get here before us?

was the first thing he thought. He then quickly realized that they had taken the long way to the library, so Sarah must have beaten them there. The second thing he wondered was whether or not they could silently avoid her.

With stealthy skill a ninja would envy, he quietly walked through the door. However, a look to his side told him his attempt was futile.

"Hey, Sarah! How's it going?" Sam quickly waved over to her, obliterating any hope for Dave to not be seen.

She turned to them. "Hey, guys," she said, "How's it going?"

He hadn't seen her all summer, and just now realized how much he missed her. As he took in the sight of her face, angelically framed by her wavy blond hair, he slowly zoned out.

"Dave, you there?"

It was Sarah. Dave realized that she had just asked him a question, and he hadn't heard what it was. "Yeah," he guessed, hoping it was the right answer. It wasn't.

"Your summer was... 'yeah'?"

Definitely not the right answer.

"Oh, my summer? It was great. What about yours?"

"Good, good," she said. "Well, I gotta run. See you guys later." She quickly left.

If only we'd been a second later.

"That wasn't so bad, was it?" the voice at his side asked.

"You'll pay for that."

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Cute relatable story.

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