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Hello everyone, I'm Michelle!

I make up things for fun.

Ourali: Illithi'enn, noun, meaning Dreamer

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Shit Time in the Bathroom Stall

over 4 years ago


Hey dude, so I’m in a bit of a pickle here. See, you’re probably reading this after all of this happened. I was in this stall once, probably doing the same thing you’re doing now. But see, you probably purposefully locked this door assuming that...


over 4 years ago

She’d thought that maybe she’d been dreaming, dreaming that today had happened. She’d forgotten what land she stood on, what air she breathed. She’d forgotten about that day 5 years ago when she’d come crashing into the very forest she currently stood in....

A Promise - A Body Horror Writing Prompt

over 5 years ago

I stumbled to the mirror, grabbing viciously at the edges in order to steady myself. My hair, once a deep brown, was slowly turning white and thinning as I stared. I grabbed at it, almost as if I was trying to keep the colour inside, but all it did instead...

An Understanding

over 6 years ago

Important information: during this time in Crystansia's history, a whole section of Litaria, a peaceful city nestled in a lush jungle valley, has been converted into an area where humans who are dropped out of portals from Earth can learn the Crystansian c...

Runners of the North

over 7 years ago

It had always been a blessing in Eketine's mind that the coniferous trees grew a bit apart from each other as she sprinted alongside her brothers and sisters. Her braided dark hair flew in the wind behind her, although stray strands kept hitting her in her...


over 7 years ago

Every day I would sit in my chair at our table and reminisce as the suns floated down the sky towards the horizon. Everything would be awash with golden light, and it would be quiet save for the noises of the farm animals outside in the back. I would stare...

The Beginning of the Sky Children

almost 8 years ago

Kirva regarded the impending twilight with annoyance, glaring up at the darkening sky. She hadn’t made good time today, and wouldn’t be making it to anywhere with reliable shelter before the planets would be rising above the horizon.

Still, she walked o...

Aodhan and Zathuras

about 8 years ago

“Have you seen these leaves? The colour is magnificent, I can’t believe I found the plant in this region.”
Aodhan rambled at Zathuras, who stood in the middle of the road with his arms crossed across his

A Hopeful Melody

about 8 years ago

(Inspired by Transformation from the Brother Bear soundtrack. When they start singing, you can listen to that song while they do to get the full effect. Listening to Remember from The Lion King soundtrack helps as well.)

Exhaustion plagued every fibe...

Rosalind and Viggo - A Prompt

about 8 years ago

Prompt: Write a story that begins with the title of the book you most recently read and finishes with the name of your favourite character that you've written so far.

“The Hobbit? Seriously?” Viggo said, leaning back in his chair so that he could...