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Hello everyone, I'm Michelle!

I make up things for fun.

Ourali: Illithi'enn, noun, meaning Dreamer

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The Transformation Pt. I

about 4 years ago

(This is a snippet from my main work, which I haven't found a good name for yet. The five are currently just inside a forest, having just gotten out of the territory where they were being chased. They're on their way to one of the larger cities of the land...

Sybil Highgate

about 4 years ago

Sybil was running through the muddy London street, trying desperately to not slip on one of the cracked cobblestones that covered the road. She held her hat with a tight vice to her head, protecting her hat from the rain but also trying the keep her very l...

The Knotted Tree

over 4 years ago

(Just a little thing I wrote a while back that I feel like sharing!)

The bark of the giant oak was rough and cool beneath my callused fingertips. I examined one of the many knots that lined and spiraled along the ridges, climbing the tree up and up unti...