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Subverting Romance Tropes: The Movie Make-over

ErinRoach - almost 4 years ago

“No, absolutely not,” Charlie says, crossing her arms across her chest. She eyes the offending item with distinct distaste, watching it sparkle obnoxiously at her. “You are absolutely not putting me in a dress.”

Tom sighs, absently smoothing out the abo...

The Beginning of the Sky Children

Ourali - almost 4 years ago

Kirva regarded the impending twilight with annoyance, glaring up at the darkening sky. She hadn’t made good time today, and wouldn’t be making it to anywhere with reliable shelter before the planets would be rising above the horizon.

Still, she walked o...

The Alchemist

Edenstudent - almost 4 years ago

Six months ago

The alchemist quietly rushed around the room, collecting his books, scrolls, materials, and whatever equipment he could fit in his bag. There wasn't much room in the durable sack, but the man tried to organize the valuable space a...

Aodhan and Zathuras

Ourali - about 4 years ago

“Have you seen these leaves? The colour is magnificent, I can’t believe I found the plant in this region.”
Aodhan rambled at Zathuras, who stood in the middle of the road with his arms crossed across his

A Hopeful Melody

Ourali - over 4 years ago

(Inspired by Transformation from the Brother Bear soundtrack. When they start singing, you can listen to that song while they do to get the full effect. Listening to Remember from The Lion King soundtrack helps as well.)

Exhaustion plagued every fibe...

Rosalind and Viggo - A Prompt

Ourali - over 4 years ago

Prompt: Write a story that begins with the title of the book you most recently read and finishes with the name of your favourite character that you've written so far.

“The Hobbit? Seriously?” Viggo said, leaning back in his chair so that he could...

And That's Okay

Redcatalyst - over 4 years ago

There is a moment when you realize that you're cracking, not like ice or glass but subtler like earth. I'm cracking and I didn't realize it until my nightmare. When I woke up sobbing and not completely sure why but, underneath that waterfall I felt ice spr...

the lonely garden

SerenaPadfoot - over 4 years ago

as the winds howled
and the snow fell down
all I wanted was to go to the garden....

Scraps from the Shoebox

Lydia-Zhou - over 4 years ago

Seasons pass
and birds amass...


Edenstudent - over 4 years ago

(A funny little exert)

"Look, there she is." Sam nudged Dave in the elbow, who pretended not to notice. After a long morning of chemistry then french, they were finally about to enjoy lunch....

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