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On Pumpkin Row

EvanC - over 5 years ago

Wednesday. Seven days until Halloween

Alice set me down on the cold wooden porch floor. She knelt down in front of me, chewing some freshly roasted pumpkin seeds....

A Promise - A Body Horror Writing Prompt

Ourali - over 5 years ago

I stumbled to the mirror, grabbing viciously at the edges in order to steady myself. My hair, once a deep brown, was slowly turning white and thinning as I stared. I grabbed at it, almost as if I was trying to keep the colour inside, but all it did instead...

The Theater of Death

EvanC - over 6 years ago

It’s so dark and so cold. I can’t see anything. I hear it before I feel it, something loud. It’s rain. Then I feel the hard drops soaking through my clothes. It’s pouring. Lights focus into vision. There’s a building… a cinema. I need to get out of the hea...

The Theater of Life

kdunn - over 6 years ago

The theatre is crowded and dimly lit when you walk in, filled with a nervous anticipatory energy. You sit down next to a girl identical to yourself, but with better hair and cool shoes. “Am I in time for the ending?”

“Just in time. Now hush – I want to...

Batdrake Excerpts

ErinRoach - over 6 years ago

I read the beginning of this story at the hot chocolate & chill, and I wanted to get feedback on a couple scenes (rather than the whole story because I am currently missing some connective tissue lol). These are two of the three conversations in the story...

An Understanding

Ourali - over 6 years ago

Important information: during this time in Crystansia's history, a whole section of Litaria, a peaceful city nestled in a lush jungle valley, has been converted into an area where humans who are dropped out of portals from Earth can learn the Crystansian c...

Headlights like Diamonds in the Dark of the Matinée

EvanC - over 6 years ago

I never liked the way she drove. It’s not that I didn’t feel safe. She had a level of unpredictability. I never really knew what she was going to do next. Her turns were sharp and her speed varied depending on the mood. It didn’t help that I’ve always had...

Programmed Poem

EvanC - over 6 years ago

I’m waiting for an opportunity
Where years do not stand still like a statue.
I want to be unique, an entity...

Dégustation of musings (10 course meal)

Lydia-Zhou - over 6 years ago

the sun beckoned me down a path...

A tragic love story between a dust bunny and a sock that got lost under the bed (written for Christmas story exchange 2016 for Lydia)

Five - almost 7 years ago

Ava had lived on the edge of the Light Strip her whole life. It was a peaceful existence, and often she would spend her time staring at motes of dust, drifting through the air, some of them touching down to the ground where she and the others would pick up...

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