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The Broken Quill Society in a nutshell

EvanC - 2 days ago

(A collaboration among several members of the club.)...

Tomorrow we fight

theyoungestleah - 4 days ago

Verilia took a breath, gasping slightly as the wind ripped it away from her. She turned, tugging up her tunic to shield her face as snowflakes whipped around her and the other members of her team. She felt her brow furrow as her gaze landed upon the dark s...


Brouillon - 5 days ago

Depuis une trentaine de minutes, je regarde la rue, la tête appuyée contre la fenêtre. Un vague sentiment d’étrangeté plane dans la pièce, mais il est difficile à définir. Un inconfort général ou plutôt, un sentiment d'irréalité causé par un décalage inven...

Box Runner

EvanC - 6 days ago

Tyler, or as everyone called him at work, T-Man, was ranting during Joe’s break.

“I can’t believe I’m spending New Year’s Eve here. I’ve been talking to management since November saying I need New Year’s off. And yet, here I am.”...


Matthew - 6 days ago

One is chosen every new cycle. Sometimes it is someone we know. Someone we care for,
deeply at times. Other times only the history books keep them in their memory. But it is always
someone. One every new year. This year is no different, this is no surp...

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SydneyWaffles - about 1 month ago

We parted at the first switchback,
I haven’t seen you since.
And I had barely dreamed until...

The Adventures of Larson on the Conveyor Belt

theyoungestleah - 3 months ago

"What the-?"

I looked up from my phone and at the cashier. "What?" I replied....

I saw her

theyoungestleah - 3 months ago

At steps and snow, I saw her
Wrapped in denim, cotton and faux fur.
She shivered and smiled in the most timid of ways...


SydneyWaffles - 3 months ago

somebody once told me my colon was gonna troll me, but I aint the shapest butt in the shed
I was looking kinda dumb with a bowl around my bum and the sound of line waiting for me
Well, it better start coming and if it don't start coming, and gonna get up...

Shit Time in the Bathroom Stall

Ourali - 3 months ago


Hey dude, so I’m in a bit of a pickle here. See, you’re probably reading this after all of this happened. I was in this stall once, probably doing the same thing you’re doing now. But see, you probably purposefully locked this door assuming that...

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