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SydneyWaffles - 12 months ago

somebody once told me my colon was gonna troll me, but I aint the shapest butt in the shed
I was looking kinda dumb with a bowl around my bum and the sound of line waiting for me
Well, it better start coming and if it don't start coming, and gonna get up...

Shit Time in the Bathroom Stall

Ourali - 12 months ago


Hey dude, so I’m in a bit of a pickle here. See, you’re probably reading this after all of this happened. I was in this stall once, probably doing the same thing you’re doing now. But see, you probably purposefully locked this door assuming that...


theyoungestleah - 12 months ago

Written in memory of the Mars rover, Opportunity, who was officially announced to have ended its service to researchers and scientists after 15 years. The Opportunity mission finished on February 13th, 2019.

If you have found this, then that must...

The Town, and Festival, of Samhain

AbiK - 12 months ago

“Next year,” I had said to Dustin, “I want to leave this town.”

I had been surprised at how fast he had agreed....


anonymous - 12 months ago

The night is stolen from me
own shadows become enemy
wicked whispers and spells...


anonymous - 12 months ago


The sun rose to meet the sky, bringing light to the frozen lake. The morning’s silence was interrupted by a woman dressed all in black walking, heavy footed, across the water in four inch heels. She made deeper cracks with each step, every one bri...


Ourali - 12 months ago

She’d thought that maybe she’d been dreaming, dreaming that today had happened. She’d forgotten what land she stood on, what air she breathed. She’d forgotten about that day 5 years ago when she’d come crashing into the very forest she currently stood in....

Variations on love

SydneyWaffles - about 1 year ago

It’s a fickle thing; falling in love.
It floods in under the door like a clogged toilet.
You didn’t ask for a mess but it’s yours to clean....


SydneyWaffles - about 1 year ago

Flowers are beautiful before they bloom,
with love and care poured into them.
They stand tall and green and wait for their time;...

Bad Advice

anonymous - about 1 year ago

Necessity bred the desperate edged hunger for survival. The ability that made humans into nothing more than wolves, all clashing teeth, wild eyes, and dangerous snarls. Survival turned our world into the enemy so that we could find meaning in the mundane a...

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